Rank and file members of the CFMEU Manufacturing Division should decide its future!

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It takes just one minute to send an email to key Members of Parliament to let them know that you and other Manufacturing Division members should get a vote on whether the Division withdraws or stays in the CFMEU.

The Government has agreed that the CFMEU is dysfunctional and that you should have a right to determine what happens next and is making a law to give you a vote.

We have a chance to forge our own brighter union future outside of the CFMEU.

But we need you to urgently send an email to key members of parliament to get them to support your right to have a vote.  

Background- Why demerge from the CFMEU?

Your Union, the Manufacturing Division, is one of three divisions of the CFMEU. 

Over the years, the union has become dysfunctional because it has become controlled by the biggest Division- Construction. 

As the smallest Division, the Manufacturing Division no longer gets a say in how the CFMEU is run including on key issues that are important to Manufacturing Division members.

A vote of rank-and-file members of the Manufacturing Division should decide its future.

Take Action Now!