Nobody should be treated like fashion company Denim 108 (makers of Nobody Denim) is treating workers.

Workers have been sacked and are not being paid what they are owed!

When Australia was facing the COVID-19 pandemic, Denim 108 workers risked their health by continuing to work to produce scrubs for frontline responders and masks for government entities, including aged-care facilities, healthcare workers and schools.

Nobody Denim even got $400,000 from the Australian Government to install up to 20 new sewing machines to produce critically required isolation gowns.

Despite the commitment shown by the workers to the company during the pandemic, they were sacked without any notice from Denim 108!  

But worse, the company sacked these workers without paying wages they were owed.  The company also refuses to pay what they owe workers in the form of their redundancies, accrued leave and other entitlements.

Legal action has been taken, but workers need money on the table now!

Tell Denim 108 management to pay their workers by emailing them now!

Email denim 108 Managment Now!